San Liberato alla Valle, Macerata - Tenuta nelle Marche - Locations per matrimoni ed eventi - Luxury Accomodation - Weddings - Farmhouses in Italy

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An attractive lake nestled in a tranquil valley is within walking distance of the estate, and affords good fishing in beautiful surroundings. 
Today, San Liberato alla Valle supports traditional farming, and, in particular the production of extra virgin olive oil and fine ‘Doc’ wines from vines cultivated on the Maceratan hills.  Both wine and olive oil are produced using time-old traditional techniques that are special to the local area.

The panoramic views of the hills, the peace and quiet of the estate and the blend of natural colours provide an ideal environment for a unique wedding reception.

The beautifully restored Old Granary, in the main building, provides ample space for hosting special events such as dinners, parties, conferences and exclusive business meetings.

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